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The global pause brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic and its ramifications that are still being widely felt, even now, have led to companies in all business sectors re-evaluating just what it is they are offering, why they are offering it and how they are offering it. The lull has afforded them the opportunity to explore how their businesses operate on a fundamental level and countless organisations the world over have taken the opportunity to make changes: some have been minor tweaks, while others have undergone far-reaching and presumably expensive re-brands with the same end goal: to emerge on the 'other side' a fitter, leaner outfit that is ready to take on whatever this new normal has in store.

H3BM has, by our own admission, been rather quiet as of late, but with very good reason. Over the coming weeks and months we will reveal what we have been doing in this extended period of international "downtime" but suffice it to say we too have been undergoing something of a re-brand to ensure that despite a year and a half of uncertainty and disruption, our corporate, collective and individual focus remains primarily that of providing multimedia solutions to the intelligent transport, smart city and connected mobility sectors. Our experience in publishing combined with expertise in the subject matter expert level in mobility, led us to the conclusion that there is a need for a bridge. A bridge between smart mobility experts and savvy publishers. Over the past 12 months we have been focused on defining and building that bridge. There are two objectives: • Publishing with real valueSubject matter expertise communicated using the latest, most effective tools, in a coherent manner We have assembled a select team of internationally respected consultants, designers, content and strategy experiments who are ideally equipped to build the bridge. This concept has been the result of many months, even years of evolution as we addressed the needs of the smart mobility market from different perspectives. Today, we offer a new approach centered around the smart mobility body of knowledge that will fuel the ongoing smart mobility revolution. The knowledge will be collected, curated and distributed using the most advanced publishing techniques and communication channels that are currently available. Bob McQueen has joined H3BM in this exciting and valuable venture. His resources, combined with H3BM publishing capability and industry network, sets the scene for a new approach in which publishing will take on a new dimension, a new depth of content. H3BM offerings will also expand to include professional services, professional development, and a unique combination of subject matter expertise with digital communications. The initiative begins with a series of expeditions that will explore different facets of smart mobility and intelligent transportation systems. Just like the famous explorers of the past, we will stage and prepare for the expedition, define our objectives, and of course share the new knowledge gained. The expeditions will be used as the guiding principle for all our activities across the various channels. Thinking Highways, Thinking Cities and the Connected magazines will carry articles and features relating to the current expedition. Our visualizations and online tools will bring specific aspects of the expedition to life and our virtual roundtables will focus on discussing relevant aspects related to the expedition. The professional development program, while offering a complete set of modules across smart mobility and intelligent transportation systems, will be rolled out in close alignment with the expeditions. Our podcast and, video program will also align with the expedition and the other channels. Our new activities related to accelerated insight workshops and research deep dives will be important aspects of each expedition. Of course our book on smart mobility, which is currently under development will also guide the expedition program. As we address each topic in the book, we will launch a specific expedition related to that topic. Watch this space for more information on the expedition series. If you ready to navigate the onrushing smart city revolution then let the new and improved H3BM guide you through the morass of technology, policy, strategy, implementation, performance measurables, sustainability and connectivity... This is just the start.


Kevin is the Head of Editorial (the longest serving Editor in the industry - 21 years) and is an international speaker & chair within the sector.

We use both traditional print and digital technology to fulfil the following needs:


Allowing readers to connect ideas the wider bodies of knowledge and deliver effective deployments.


Enabling a compelling read of journey, allowing stories to unfold


Recognizing the need to support subsequent action as all effective communication is a call to action.


Capturing the immediate interest of the reader by delivering topical content with a core of value

When working with these needs in mind, we create spaces both online and offline where unexpected connections emerge.

This is what the technology of modern publishing enables: not content to be consumed, but context for exciting connections.